About Us

Tilly ButterflyTilly Airers are the brainchild of Lindsey Russel. A combination of her dissatisfaction with the unsightly appearance of her existing airers and her original creativity, Tilly are Lindsey’s personalised mark upon the Airers Industry.

Tilly Airers were born out of the need for something attractive to fit in a bespoke house. After searching the existing market, it became apparent that no pre-existing product would suffice. Thus, she turned to her own imagination, sparking the beginnings of the idea that would become Tilly Airers. 

Lindsey’s first design was that of the Tilly Cat, a colourful, feline influenced mesh of wire frame that was in keeping with the dynamic of the rest of her home. Family and friends were charmed by the charismatic airer and all wanted one for their own properties. This motivated Lindsey to expand her designs, increasing the Tilly Airers family to incorporate the Tilly Dog, Tilly Fish and Tilly Butterfly.

Each respective Tilly Airer was designed for implementation into a range of public and privately owned properties and rooms; schools, doctor’s surgeries and conservatories, alike. Lindsey is assured that even if not every household is in need, already possessing of a pre-existing, commonplace airer, they will yearn for the refreshing design of a Tilly Airer.