Our Products

The Tilly Airers are unlike any traditional airers.

They are not an appliance to be hid away. Instead, they are a portable piece of furniture that adds a dash of visual charm to any room!

When not being used for drying, as opposed to being folded up on the floor, the Tilly Airers can be used for hanging magazines, pictures and even potted plants. 

Smaller spaces will relish the Tilly Fish, whose compact size and oceanic vibe allows for the orderly hanging of damp goods and is befitting a bathroom setting. Gardeners will appreciate the Tilly Butterfly, able to make full use of its spacious wing frame to hang plants from or trail fruit or vegetables through for growing. The Tilly Cat and Tilly Dog, meanwhile, will be adored by animal lovers and are apt for use throughout a home. 

Tilly Airers also, with their bright, powdered waterproof colouring and characterised animal designs, appeal implicitly to children. This assures that the airers are excellent additions to a child’s bedroom, emphasizing the room’s design, whilst also drying their clothes.